Every Apple tree has a story...

Tree Meanings

In ancient mythology, the Apple is one of the most sacred trees and symbolises good health and future happiness. Since ancient times it has also been known as the ‘Tree of Love’ and is associated with Aphrodite, goddess of love. This tree plays an important role in Greek mythology. The Earth goddess, Gaia gave Hera, the supreme goddess, an Apple tree when she married Zeus. The sacred tree was nurtured by the Hesperides, Daughters of Evening, and fiercely guarded by the dragon, Ladon.

In Norse legend, the Goddess Idunn is guardian of the apples which she fed to the gods and goddesses so they remain forever young. Apple wands were also used in Norse rituals as they symbolise good health, happiness, wisdom and eternal love. Similarly, Celtic mythology often mentions apples as the fruit of the gods that brings a sense of wholeness, healing and connection with nature.
The Wild Apple is the original tree from which all varieties have been created. It is a pretty, deciduous tree with an abundance of delicate blossom every spring and dainty apples, which ripen in autumn. The Wild Apple tree will happily grow in any garden and is great for wildlife, especially bees and garden birds.

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Wild Apple tree with tube and card
Wild Apple tree
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