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About The Present Tree

Every morning, the sun rises over the ancient standing stone, nestled amidst gorgeous native woodland in the heart of County Antrim. Across a gently sloping lawn are a collection of low buildings, framed by stunning trees, just next to a sheltered walled garden. This is The Present Tree HQ, welcome one and all! This is where your tree gift is patiently waiting as we are about to arrive to select it for you and send it on its journey to your door.

Let us invite you to step into The Present Tree for a day: walk with us into the office. Inside the cool, high-ceiling room the sound of keyboards clicking and printers humming accompanies the boppy tunes which play all day. Here you will meet CATHERINE, SORCHA, EMILY and  DARRAGH who seamlessly spin between processing the day’s orders, meticulously engraving your inscriptions onto plaques, printing your gift messages onto cards. Later this afternoon, they’ll be immersed in grand projects and goals, magical spreadsheets and fresh new gift ideas.

Now walk with us as we step down through a pale green wooden door that leads us into the heart of The Present Tree: full of light and warm, earthy scents - the greenhouse. MARTHA and her team; JURATE, ANGUS, JENI and TIERNAN open up the greenhouse every morning, walking between the tables upon tables of waving leaves: a sea of every imaginable shade of green.

Here our horticultural heroes devote their day to tending to our exquisite trees and the plan for the day is formed around their needs. They know which trees need to be watered, which will benefit most from a dose of our own organic tonic and which will be gently re-potted or lovingly pruned. No two trees are ever the same: each has its own individual needs and its own story, and each will be a gift for a different person!

Since early morning, CHLOE and ELLEN have been answering email enquiries, helping with advice, making last minute order edits and recommending the perfect tree gift for a special occasion. While back in the office, we take in your orders, carefully noting down every one. A list is made, checked and then double checked! This picking list wings its way down to the greenhouse, where the team is directed to the walled garden and greenhouse to select the most beautiful of our trees. These chosen trees are carried to a great oak table in the centre of the greenhouse where our gardeners give each one a full check and pamper to ensure they will absolutely thrive.

Come with us now, as the freshly potted trees are lovingly scooped up from the broad table in the greenhouse and carried up the steps into the wrapping rooms. Here you will meet LAURA, RAMINTA and ALICE. You’ll see four long tables, which fill this room and it is here that the trees are eased into delightful green gift bags and each gift card is carefully threaded onto the ribbons. Hampers are exquisitely packed and the trees are tucked into their parcels by careful fingers, beautifully wrapped and sealed by hand.

It has to be one of my personal favourite moments of any day - seeing the elegant parcels standing ready for delivery. Every single label has been placed by hand, every ribbon tied, every gift is now ready to bring joy for a lifetime. 

As the end of the day nears, our final tasks are completed: the trees are lifted out of the water baths, final checks are made and the greenhouse tables swept down. We only head out when absolutely everyone is ready, carefully closing the door behind us… until tomorrow!

In The Present Tree buildings all is quiet and peaceful. Everything is laid out, ready for tomorrow to begin; and in the garden and greenhouse, the trees rest in the dipping sun and continue to grow. 



The Present Tree HQ is in the heart of Co Antrim, surrounded by beautiful native woodlands and steeped in ancient heritage. Watch the movie above, filmed in The Present Tree's gardens!

Since its launch in 2013 The Present Tree has flourished. Every day its devoted team are dedicated to ensuring your tree gifts arrive happy and healthy, so they will grow and bring joy for a lifetime! Every tree is nurtured with 100% certified organic blends, so your gift is ethical and planet-friendly. We never, ever use harmful chemicals or pesticides, only organic tree and plant care that's wonderful for you, your tree, our wildlife and the planet. 


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