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Organically nurtured, beautifully wrapped, freshly delivered tree gifts
All our trees are lovingly grown in The Present Tree's gardens. Every tree is growing in an organic pot filled with top-notch compost. It's freshly selected and wrapped with your message, the tree's ancient story and a care guide enclosed. Your tree gift will travel in its luxury parcel by our free UK delivery service. You can also choose Next Day, a future date and EU delivery.
Tree Symbolism

Since time began, trees have gracefully and generously provided food, shelter and the air we breathe. Their strength, beauty and stillness symbolise the magic and wonder of life. In the ancient world of myths and folklore every tree has a deeply spiritual meaning; every tree has a story...


Cherry Tree Gift


This tree is treasured for its beautiful, fragrant blossoms and in mythology symbolises good fortune and future happiness.

Elder Tree Symbolism


In celtic mythology the elder tree is powerful and sacred; it symbolises good health and prosperity.

Irish Oak Tree Symbolism

Irish Oak

One of the most sacred trees in Celtic mythology, the Oak is an ancient symbol of truth, courage and wisdom.

Hawthorn Tree Symbolism


In Celtic mythology this sacred tree symbolises love and protection. It is so magical, fairies live under the Hawthorn tree to guard it.

Wild Apple Tree Symbolism

Wild Apple

The Apple is also known as ‘The Tree of Love’ and in Celtic mythology symbolises good health and future happiness.

Truffle Tree Symbolism

Truffle Tree

Since Ancient times the Truffle has been treasured for its intense, aromatic flavours. The Hazel tree under which it grows symbolises wisdom, faith and inspiration.

Rowan Tree Symbolism


Since ancient times this has been known as 'The Tree of Life' and symbolises wisdom and protection. A sacred tree in Celtic mythology that protects the dwelling by with it grows.

Silver Birch Tree Symbolism

Silver Birch

In Celtic Mythology this sacred tree symbolises new beginnings, protection and good fortune.

Camellia Symbolism


This gorgeous tree is loved for its scented blossoms and since ancient times has symbolised love and devotion.

Holly Tree Symbolism


This evergreen tree is highly sacred in Celtic mythology and symbolises peace and goodwill.

Wild Pear Tree Symbolism

Wild Pear

In ancient times this beautiful fruit tree symbolised good health and a long, happy life.

Olive Tree Symbolism


This long-lived tree symbolises peace and friendship in ancient mythology.

Tea Plant Symbolism


This gorgeous tree in ancient mythology symbolises peace and serenity.

Entwined Pear Tree Symbolism

Entwined Pear

This entwined pair of Pear trees will grow together, forever and symbolises good health and happiness.

Arbutus Tree Symbolism


In ancient mythology the Arbutus tree is magical and symbolises gratitude and good fortune.

Myrtle Tree Symbolism


This gorgeous, aromatic tree is sacred in ancient mythology and symbolises love, harmony and joy.

Grapevine Symbolism


In Ancient mythology the Grapevine symbolises faith, kindness and generosity.