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Corporate Gift Ideas - The Present Tree

Just imagine, in this exciting, fast-moving world of business, technology and instant media finding a corporate gift that is meaningful and connects in real life! 

The Present Tree’s collection of beautiful trees all have a special ancient story which is enclosed in the parcel to create a unique gift that is certainly hard to forget. We specialise in working with businesses who want to enhance their green image and make long-lasting connections. So whether it’s a one-off VIP gift or for hundreds of clients, The Present Tree will ensure every time the recipient steps out their front door they will see their beautiful tree and think of you. 

For companies who are struggling to find the perfect business gift, here’s our corporate gift guide… 

Cherry Tree

Gorgeous, evergreen and blossoming this beauty will grow in any garden or balcony AND symbolises good fortune and future happiness. It also makes a perfect addition to an outside office space! 

Here at The Present Tree, we ensure your tree is beautifully wrapped to add that luxurious feel to your gift. If you wish to add an extra special touch, we can enclose an engraved brass plaque, inscribed with your message, so this gift is always remembered.

Lemon Tree

The oils, fruit and leaves of a Lemon Tree is not just packed-full of vitamins, minerals and flavour, but also has been connected with prosperity and a life of luxury. Symbolising good health and success, this tree is the perfect gift of a life of good fortune and even delicious lemon dishes! 

Your Lemon tree will thrive in a bright, cool room, conservatory or greenhouse all year.

Wild Apple Tree

Enjoy the fruits of your success with this slender, native tree. It produces blossoms every spring which are wonderful for our bees and dainty apples ripen in autumn. In Celtic mythology the Apple symbolised good health and happiness and was often planted to celebrate a special occasion too.

All the trees are organically nurtured, beautifully wrapped and freshly delivered to the recipient anywhere in UK and EU.

Irish Oak Tree

Make your recipient feel inspired when admiring their beautiful Irish Oak Tree - symbolic of truth, courage and wisdom. This association derives from Ancient times when it was honoured for its endurance, noble presence and resilience. To catch a falling oak leaf also brings good luck and prosperity - what a wonderful symbol for any business!

When you place your order, a gorgeous Irish Oak will be freshly selected by our devoted gardeners, before being carefully wrapped up in an organic cotton bag, placed in a luxury parcel and sent with its ancient story enclosed.

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Cherry tree with tube and card
Cherry Tree
Good FortuneHappiness
Lemon tree with tube and card
Lemon tree
Good HealthSuccess
Wild Apple tree with tube and card
Wild Apple tree
Good HealthHappinessLove
Irish Oak tree with tube and card
Irish Oak tree
Strength & CourageWisdom