Best Friend Gift Ideas

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Best Friend Gift Ideas

When we asked people what gift they would buy for their best friend, the typical responses flooded in: perfume, flowers, chocolate, wine… Then we asked ‘What is your biggest difficulty when choosing a gift?’

The unanimous answer was finding a gift that was meaningful and long-lasting. It was interesting to discover that people struggled to find a present that was thoughtful and personal. While we can’t deny that we love being treated to the little everyday luxuries, this year why not skip the predictable? Give a meaningful gift that your best friend will always remember and cherish for years to come.

Here's our top three tree gifts for your best buddy:

Olive tree 

There is no better gift to express the endurance of your friendship than the beautiful Olive tree, an ancient symbol of peace and friendship. 

To give your tree that luxurious feel here at The Present Tree, we gift wrap your tree with the Olive's ancient story enclosed in the luxury parcel, adding a memorable touch to your friend’s sacred tree.  

Still not convinced? Trust us, it’s pretty hard to resist its stunning, silvery-green leaves and abundance of fragrant, white blossoms in spring. The small fruits ripen over several months, gradually changing from pale green to dark purple in autumn, which are absolutely delicious when cured!

Shop for your Olive tree here.

Entwined Cherry tree  

This pair of beautiful, blossoming Cherry trees are delicately entwined so their roots and branches will flourish and grow together forever. The cherry tree has dark green, glossy leaves all year round and symbolises good fortune and happiness. What a perfect symbol of everlasting connection in friendship- one that will ever thrive and blossom with care and a little bit of nourishment!

Shop for your Entwined Cherry tree here.

Wild Plum tree 

Symbolising hope and happiness, the Wild Plum tree is the perfect gift for a special friend to show them how much they mean to you. This tree looks stunning in any garden and is treasured for its abundance of pale pink flowers which blossom in early spring. In autumn the deep-red, sweet plums can be eaten straight from the tree! What a fabulous gift to receive, one that can be cherished always.

Shop for your Wild Plum tree here.


All of our trees are organically nurtured here in The Present Tree gardens. Once your order is placed, a beautiful entwined Pear tree is freshly selected by our devoted gardeners before being carefully wrapped in organza, placed in its luxury parcel and sent with love!

If these trees aren't quite the perfect fit, then you can browse more trees to find your special gift for everlasting friendship.

 Olive tree with tube and card
Olive tree
Entwined Cherry tree with tube and card
Entwined Cherry Tree
Good FortuneHappiness
Wild Plum tree with tube and card
Wild Plum tree