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Best Autumn Tree Gifts

Autumn is officially here! As fiery leaves begin to litter the ground we are reminded that even though summer may be over, there’s still a huge amount of majesty to be found in the coming months! The grass is jewelled with fresh dew, the conkers and chestnuts are beginning to fall from their knobbly branches and we are well and truly in the mood to spend some time in the blaring October sunshine.

The colour-changing leaves are the jewels in Autumn’s crown; as we walk to work and wander through the foliage-strewn streets it’s natural to covet the trees that hold the key to making our surroundings so beautiful…and we’re here to help! Read on to find a comprehensive list of our favourite Autumnal trees below!


The Hazel’s leaves transform from a rich green to a peachy tourmaline yellow and then a brilliant chilli pepper red! You can find beautiful variegation occurring as the hues change, which can be particularly exciting for children when exploring the garden! As well as colour-spotting, kids (and grown-ups too!) will enjoy the delicious hazelnuts which can be eaten straight from the tree!


You might have already identified the litters of lobed, colourful leaves which make the oak tree famous in Autumn. They also crisp up very nicely, perfect to create that seasonal ‘crunch’ underfoot which holds so much nostalgia!


The delicate leaves of the Rowan are known to glow a dark, deep red when Autumn comes. They are also a great tree to have in your garden if you’ve got many birds local to you, as Rowan berries make a great snack as the temperature cools!


Possibly the most iconic Autumnal tree of all, the Apple tree stands strong and proud as a garden centrepiece at this time of year. Lumpy branches are bedecked with sunshine-yellow leaves and delicious apples for everyone to enjoy! This is also a great tree for a family to enjoy – you can have some great fun baking delicious crumbles and pies together, as well as apple-bobbing on Halloween!


As the pears ripen and drop from the tree in late summer and early Autumn, you will find the Pear tree sets itself ablaze with canary-yellow and ruby-red flames! Green, yellow, orange and red leaves drape beautifully from the delicate branches of the Wild Pear tree, a sight to behold in any Autumnal garden!

A tree from our collection of favourites would be a fantastic gift to commemorate a special occasion in Autumn that you will hold in your heart forever, they will stand strong and tall for years to come and will be celebrated for their beauty all year round! They make a wonderful commemorative tree for lost loved ones as they are seen to ‘come alive’ throughout the year – from fruiting in summer to bursting with colour as the seasons change.

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Autumn leaves

Hazel tree with tube and card
Hazel tree
Irish Oak tree with tube and card
Irish Oak tree
Strength & CourageWisdom
Rowan tree with tube and card
Rowan tree
Tree of LifeProtection
Wild Apple tree with tube and card
Wild Apple tree
Good HealthHappinessLove
Wild Pear tree with tube and card
Wild Pear tree
Good HealthHappiness