Planet-Friendly Ethics

We are plastic free!

Planet-Friendly Ethics


At The Present Tree we are dedicated to conserving and protecting our natural environment. Everything we do, from nurturing our trees to our planet-friendly packaging and choosing eco-responsible couriers, has to be the most sustainable option possible.

We want to offer a meaningful gift that will enrich the bonds of global kinship as well as provide everyone with a beautiful, meaningful gift that will be treasured forever AND bring so much goodness to our natural world. You can order a TREE GIFT here or to find out more please read on...

Planet Friendly Gifts 

Our parcels are made with certified FSC card and printed using vegetable inks which are a natural, environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based ink. The vegetable inks come from sustainable farming methods which reduce the amount of CO2 in the air. 

The clear parcel cover (not shown) we use to protect the parcel on its journey is 100% compostable and 100% carbon neutral. The covers are made from ethically-sourced sugar cane which is sustainable, planet-friendly. 

Ethical Tree Care 

The Present Tree only uses 100% organic, natural products, that means we never, ever use harmful chemicals! We are really proud that all our care products are wonderful for us, our pets, all wildlife and the planet. Our trees are given the perfect nourishment and protection to promote healthy growth without negatively impacting our world. To read more about our Organic Plant Care click here. 

The compost we use is certified 100% organic, peat-free and made from sustainable sources in Ireland which helps reduce our carbon footprint. It is produced on a worm farm and created when the worms digest their bedding material converting it to rich organic compost. Fascinating, thank you wonderful worm workers!  

Our pots are made from spruce fibres (a super-sustainable material) and manufactured without any glues or binders. Using these materials makes the biodegradable pots 100% compostable meaning there is zero waste! 

Biodiversity Policy

Biodiversity is the variety of all natural life existing in one area. It is important as all the different animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms thrive together in an ecosystem which provides balance and support in our beautiful world. The Present Tree is devoted to maintaining biodiversity. We have large wild areas among our young trees to encourage and support everything in nature that we need to maintain our environment. 

Low Emissions Delivery Service

We aim to keep our delivery carbon footprint as low as possible and minimise the impact we have on the environment. We use Royal Mail as they are the greenest couriers who continue to put environmental issues at the top of their business agenda, have a clear environmental policy and targets for reducing CO2 emissions.

Giving Back to our Wildlife

Protecting wildlife holds a very special place in our hearts here at The Present Tree, especially our bees and other buzzy pollinators which is why we proudly sponsor The Bumblebee Conservation Trust. This organisation shares our passion for saving bumble bees and striving to create a world where bees are thriving and valued. To read more about The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, click here > 

If you would like to suggest ANYTHING else we can do to positively help our amazing planet we would love to hear from you. You can contact us here.