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However you enjoy your coffee; in an oat milk latte, iced with a sweet syrup or black for a fuller flavour, the aromatic coffee bean has been adored for centuries for bringing positive energy and a great feeling of wellness.

Native to Africa, the coffea arabica tree got its name around the 7th century when the bean crossed the Red Sea from Ethiopia to present-day Yemen and southern Arabia, hence the term “arabica”. The arabica bean that the plant produces is loved as one of the highest quality coffee plants in the world. Although Arabian scholars were the first to record how drinking roasted coffee increased alertness and positive emotions, it is thought that it was first consumed by rolling the bean up into fat balls for the same effects. 

Your arabica coffee tree will produce small, white and highly fragrant flowers. The sweet fragrance resembles the gentle scent of jasmine flowers and its berries ripen into a glossy, deep red. At this point, they are known as “cherries” and are ready to be picked. Inside each cherry, two coffee beans will be ready to be roasted and ground, ready for enjoying!

With its earliest roots in Abyssinia (modern day Ethiopia), the coffee tree and coffee cultivation was widespread throughout the tropics by Arabian coffee traders. Conversely, the first reliable documentation of the use and properties of the coffee bean are Arab. In an attempt to monopolise this luscious coffee, the Arabs ensured that its origins were “hidden” and beans were either dried or boiled before their export to avoid germination outside of the Arab borders!

Even so, until rather recently descendants of these early coffee trees have been happily flourishing beneath the canopy of ancient forests for centuries. Today, due to an increase in demand, coffee is now grown on nearly 25 million acres of land throughout the world.

We believe that these precious and delicious arabica beans can be cultivated and enjoyed in harmony with our natural world. Choosing sustainably grown and fair-trade coffee, or simply growing your own coffee plant is an amazing way to find that balance. Plus, we even think it tastes better this way too!

Now is the time to replenish ourselves, whilst simultaneously replenishing Mother Earth. Let’s focus our energy on living a life in harmony with our trees - all with a warm cup of sustainable, energy-filled coffee in hand! Delicious.

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