How to Make Marmalade


How to make marmalade                  

Now that the days are becoming shorter it’s time to start treating ourselves, yay! If it’s a struggle to get out of bed on a chilly autumn morning, try a slice of hot buttered toast covered with homemade marmalade to add some sweetness and cheer to your early mornings.

And what better way to celebrate the changing seasons than by making your own decadent, delicious autumnal preserve - Bucks Fizz marmalade! So get fall into full swing by stirring up your own special brand of bubbly preserve with our tried and tested recipe below:


  • 550g Oranges
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1L water
  • 300ml champagne or perry
  • 1kg white sugar

1. Before you begin making your delicious marmalade be sure to thoroughly sterilise your jars and lids. Place all containers in a saucepan filled with water and bring to a boil then simmer for 15 minutes, drain and set aside to dry.

2. Zest two of your oranges, and set aside. Scoop out the flesh with a metal spoon and thoroughly mix in a bowl with 200g of your sugar until the fibres of the segments are broken down.

 3. Tip your orange and sugar purée into a saucepan and add the lemon juice and water - then bring to a boil.

4. Simmer for 1 hour and then add the champagne. Reduce the heat to low and simmer to another 30 minutes (or until your liquid has reduced by half its original volume).

 5. Add the remaining sugar and zest to your mixture and stir until dissolved. Once dissolved raise the heat to medium and bring the mixture to a gentle boil.

6. Test if your mixture is ready by placing a teaspoonful on a cold plate in the fridge. If it sets to a jelly you’re ready! Decant into your jars and seal (Carefully - it’s super hot!). Your marmalade will be ready to enjoy in a few hours once it is completely cool.

TPT Top Tip: Ensure that when you scoop out the orange’s flesh you don’t accidentally add any pith in your mixture as this will make the marmalade bitter!

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