Healing Powers of the Silver Birch Tree


Healing Powers of the Silver Birch Tree



Throughout history, the noble Silver Birch tree has been treasured for its many practical uses. For thousands of years we have been utilising its rich, sticky sap, weaving its slender branches and carving boats from its supple, sturdy wood. However, in addition to these well-known uses, the Silver Birch tree has a multitude of medicinal properties which should also be celebrated!


The Silver Birch tree has a natural abundance of sap in its trunk. This wonderful liquid can be diluted with water to create a delicious thirst-quenching drink. 


The leaves from the Silver Birch can also be brewed to create a powerful detox tea. The leaves also have natural soothing qualities when applied to the skin and can reduce redness and inflammation. After gently brewing a Birch leaf tea the leaves can be used as a face mask that works wonders on blemish-prone skin by cleansing and detoxifying. The leaves of the birch may also be eaten to make the most of their nutrients (like any leafy green!) – we advise against eating them raw as they have a strong, fibrous texture, quite like kale. Try gently steaming or sautéing to make your dish more palatable.

The Silver Birch tree would make an ideal gift for someone who loves to be creative with home-remedies or interesting home-brewed delights! 

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Silver Birch tree with tube and card
Silver Birch tree
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