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We all have a special someone in our life whose spirit runs wild and free! They frolic at festivals, lose their shoes at the beach and they aren’t afraid to dance to the beat of their own drum. These people see a special beauty in the everyday and take all the opportunities to appreciate the splendour in the world that surrounds us.

For these unique characters, we often need to think outside the box when it comes to showing how much they mean to us! A typical thank-you card and a bunch of flowers just won’t make the cut – we need to make sure they receive a gift as individual and unique as them. Read on to discover our favourite tree gifts for those whose tastes are a little…wild!


The Wild Pear tree can be seen shrouded in delicate white blossom throughout spring, then its branches hang heavy with fruit in autumn.  The tree’s sturdy branches are a perfect perch for garden birds and bees are drawn to its fragrant creamy flowers in summer.


The Wild Plum tree is known all over the world for its beauty! Treasured for its abundance of gorgeous pale pink flowers, this tree is also highly sacred in myths and legends. Cloaked in dainty flowers throughout spring and laden with plump red plums in autumn, this tree will look stunning in any garden.

Have a look at our best trees for wildlife and send a gift to the wild one in your life.





Wild Pear tree with tube and card
Wild Pear tree
Good HealthHappiness
Wild Plum tree with tube and card
Wild Plum tree
Hope & Happiness