How to Read Tea Leaves

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How To Read Tea Leaves

Sometimes, all we need in life is a good ol’ cup of tea to make us feel all warm and fuzzy after a long day. But have you ever wondered what happens after you finish your cup?


Some turn to astrology, tarot cards, or even palmistry to unravel the mysteries-to-come, but we know of a way you can divine your future using the dregs of that delicious cuppa. Read on to discover how to tell your fortune with tea leaves!


1. Brew a teapot with a heaped spoonful of black loose-leaf tea for 4-5 minutes, then pour into a cup without straining the leaves. For best results, brew in a white teacup for colour contrast! Wait for your tea to cool and drink almost the entire cup, leaving around a teaspoon of water and the dregs at the bottom.

2. Swirl the dregs of your tea around clockwise three times, then drain the cup. Some leaves will stick around the sides of the cup, but others will remain at the bottom. Once drained, you will notice clusters or leaves which resemble symbols, numbers or letters and these are the markings which can be used to divine your future!


3. Where are your leaves? Symbols which can be found towards the top of your cup indicate events which may happen in the near-future, and those nearer the base of your cup show events which happen far ahead in time.

4. Interpret your symbols by paying attention to their proximity and size, as this can affect their meaning. You can interpret symbols individually, but don’t lose sight of the picture as a whole!

Interpreting letters: It’s believed that capital letters indicate place names, like countries or cities. Lower case letters are said to signify the names of important people in your life to come.

Interpreting shapes: Each cup of tea is unique to the beholder, and each individual will read the leaves in different ways according to superstition and beliefs. It’s important to interpret according to where you are in your life at that moment, so really take a moment review your perspective…and then the rest is up to you!




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