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Graduation Gift Ideas

Posted on August 06 2021

Graduation Gift Ideas

Be it college or university - it seems as though every summer we’re being contacted by another family member who seems to have grown up suspiciously quickly! Before we know it, we’ve been invited to yet another graduation ceremony. 

We know that it’s hard to find the perfect gift - but look no further! Leave behind the last-minute faffing and take a look at our beautiful tree gift guide.

Not only do our gorgeous tree gifts symbolise growth, knowledge and the magic of life - they will create memories that last forever.


Also known as the Tree of Love, in ancient mythology the Wild Apple tree symbolises knowledge, immortality and future happiness. The Apple tree’s historical roots are deep in Greek mythology (the famous golden apples stolen by Hercules in the Garden of Hesperides), and the infamous story of  Sir Isaac Newton - with an apple inspiring him to formulate his theory of gravity. Read more about the Wild Apple tree's story here.


In classical mythology this tree is magical and symbolises gratitude and good fortune. Ancient cultures believed that the Arbutus tree is sacred due to its strength and beauty. The Native Americans have many legends about the Arbutus, and it is known that “The tree's webbed roots hold the splintered earth together.” - holding together communities with its strength. The Arbutus has glossy, evergreen leaves all year and clusters of white, fragrant flowers which blossom in early autumn. These flowers are a haven for honey bees and butterflies! Send your freshly delivered Arbutus tree by clicking here.


Well known for its presence in both contemporary and traditional art - the Cherry tree symbolises good fortune and future happiness. Its pale cream flowers will blossom each summer, and is said to represent the beauty of life and the journey of renewal. The Cherry tree will happily thrive in any garden, balcony or cool conservatory and can be clipped into a variety of shapes using topiary, a perfect way to show off creativity to the neighbours!  Click here to send your freshly delivered Cherry tree.

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