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Flowering Plants and Trees

From the famous fields of Sakura blooms in Japan, all the way to sunny Kew – our vision is filled with beautiful flourishes of delicate blossom! The official change in season is clearly marked by Britain’s branches bursting into life! Our streets are becoming covered in nature’s confetti and it’s making us smile wider than ever. 

A blossoming tree gift is the perfect way to commemorate a special date in the calendar that you want to remember each year. We have done the hard work for you and listed our favourite blossoming trees below!


The Cherry tree’s milky, ornamental blossom is loved by our bees and butterflies throughout summer. In Japan, cherry blossoms are said to symbolise clouds and are a metaphor for ephemeral life!


The Wild Plum tree’s fragrant blossoms first appear as green buds and later become pale pink as the weather warms. Wild Plum blossom is a delicious addition to cordials and cocktails as it has a mild, aromatic sweetness – perfect for summer!


The abundance of Rose Bush blossoms are amongst the most well-loved and well-known. Their bright, precious petals make the plant a popular addition to any home garden and provide a pretty, picturesque scene when found growing in the wilderness.

Rose blossom flourishes from summer to autumn, and is loved by bees and butterflies. This sweet and wildly fragrant blossom is just irresistible to us too - the petal's perfume makes a turn in a sunny spot by a rose bush utterly delicious.  


The Rosemary's violet-blue, dainty flowers blossom with a wonderful scent. Although not as aromatic as its leaves, the sweet flowers are a treasured in their use in essential oils, remedies and in culinary recipes. The distinctive scent of fresh Rosemary in the outdoors really is such a sensory pleasure. 

View our blossoming tree gift collection below.

Cherry tree with tube and card
Cherry Tree
Good FortuneHappiness
Wild Plum tree with tube and card
Wild Plum tree
Hope & Happiness
Rose Bush Pink with tube and card
Rose bush

Sold Out

Everlasting MemoriesLove