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Flowering Plants and Trees

Posted on March 21 2022

Flowering Plants and Trees

From the famous fields of Sakura blooms in Japan, all the way to sunny Kew – our vision is filled with beautiful flourishes of delicate blossom! The official change in season is clearly marked by Britain’s branches bursting into life! Our streets are becoming covered in nature’s confetti and it’s making us smile wider than ever. 

A blossoming tree gift is the perfect way to commemorate a special date in the calendar that you want to remember each year. We have done the hard work for you and listed our favourite blossoming trees below!


The Cherry tree’s milky, ornamental blossom is loved by our bees and butterflies throughout summer. In Japan, cherry blossoms are said to symbolise clouds and are a metaphor for ephemeral life!


The Wild Plum tree’s fragrant blossoms first appear as green buds and later become pale pink as the weather warms. Wild Plum blossom is a delicious addition to cordials and cocktails as it has a mild, aromatic sweetness – perfect for summer!


The pretty, deciduous Apple tree produces shoals of delicate blossoms each Spring, which lead to a crop of dainty apples which ripen in Autumn. The creamy spring flowers are loved by local honey bees, and its pollen is said to make the sweetest honey around – apple-blossom honey.


Well known in the British countryside, the Elder tree transforms each summer when its lush, green leaves are complemented by an explosion of buttery-white blossom. The gorgeous aroma can be found filling country lanes all over the UK, and glossy black berries can be foraged in early autumn. 


The Myrtle tree’s star-like, velvety flowers bloom in summer to accompany its small, aromatic leaves. The shock of blossom leads to a crop of spicy-sweet blueberries which ripen in autumn.

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