Baby Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Baby Gift Ideas

Spring is finally here and at The Present Tree HQ we’re feeling it more than ever! The lambs are bouncing through the lush, green grass, our dazzling daffodils are swaying in the spring breeze and the song birds are well and truly twitterpated! 

We can expect new arrivals in all shapes and sizes this spring. Full of excitement (and a touch of baby-fever), we’ve compiled a complete list of our favourite tree gifts to commemorate the arrival of a bonny, bouncing baby! 

Wild Apple tree The Wild Apple tree gift is a pretty, deciduous tree with an abundance of delicate blossom. In ancient mythology, the Apple is one of the most sacred trees and symbolises good health and future happiness; in the old legends, the Gods ate the fruit of the Apple tree to gain eternal youth and happiness.

Myrtle tree

In ancient mythology, the Myrtle tree gift is sacred and symbolises love, harmony and joy. It’s beautiful star-like white flowers blossom in late summer with a wonderful fragrance that is loved by our bees and butterflies, and it produces delicious blueberries in autumn, treasured for their unique sweet and spicy flavour!

Rowan tree

Since ancient times people have been planting a Rowan tree gift beside their home as in Celtic mythology it’s known as the Tree of Life and symbolises courage, wisdom and protection. The Rowan is a gorgeous slender tree with lush feather-like leaves and creamy-white flowers every spring. Each autumn it’s delicate branches grow heavy with masses of ruby red berries, loved by birds and foragers alike!

Silver Birch treeThe Silver Birch tree gift  is a hardy, native tree that is also treasured for its silver-white bark and delicate leaves on a crown of arched branches. In Celtic mythology, it is said to be one of the most sacred trees and symbolises new beginnings and protection. Perfect to mark the welcoming of a new member to the family!

Hawthorn tree

The Hawthorn tree gift is a deciduous tree, which boasts an abundance of fragrant, white blossom in spring and masses of dense foliage (which is wonderful for garden birds to safely make their nests). In Celtic mythology, the Hawthorn is known as ‘The Fairy Tree’! It is so sacred that fairies live beneath its branches to protect the magic it holds. It is the most sacred tree and symbolises love and protection. The Hawthorn is known for its longevity and can live over 400 years!

A baby’s first gift should be something special which can be celebrated for a lifetime to come, filled with positive intention and brimming with meaningful symbolism. For the perfect gift for a baby boy or girl choose from our collection of organically nurtured tree gifts.