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Organic Pesticides

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We're dedicated to protecting and nurturing our trees without using any toxic sprays and chemicals. And with a team devoted to nature, it is vital we deter the pests, that like to munch on our lush leaves, without harming our wildlife, our pets and ourselves.

So we have created the perfect blends of natural oils that work as an eco friendly alternative to pesticides. They are 100% organic and wonderful for all of us and the planet. 

It takes more time to be organic and it's worth every moment. No protective clothing or safety goggles required here, in fact an accidental spill or spray of our blends would be wonderfully beneficial!


So it's a win-win

It’s thanks to these organic blends that all our trees are glowing with health and strength, making them naturally resistant to pests and diseases. We also encourage good predators which is the most natural way of controlling unwanted pests. Great, eh? Our inhabitants include bees, spiders, butterflies, ladybirds and hedgehogs. Every morning a wren hops through the tea plants checking out for any aphids and slugs. 

There's an abundance of wildlife here, in The Present Tree's gardens and greenhouse. So, you can be confident that your tree gift has been loved and nurtured without compromising nature and our ecosystem. 

The trees leave The Present Tree headquarters in their biodegradable pots and recyclable packaging before reaching their new homes where we know they will continue to receive the same care, love and protection.

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