How to Revive a Bee with Sugary Water

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How to revive a tired bee

We’re a little obsessed with one of nature’s most important insects here at The Present Tree: bees! They keep our ecosystem functioning and a world without them would mean a world without us too.

So, when you see one these stunning, fuzzy-bellied creatures lying still or moving slowly on the ground all is not lost… It could just be a little tired. The good news is we can do something to help revive it.

Simply mix around 50/50 sugar and water together and place a drop in front of the hungry bee to sip.

Bee on spoon with sugar and water

Watch its tongue (proboscis) lengthen and drink the sugary water — it’s fascinating!

The grateful bee will soon re-energise, take flight, and get on with its busy day.

Bee informed: do not feed bees honey. It could spread bee viruses, diseases and increase mortality rates.

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