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We all know that adding a pot plant here and there can give your interior a refresh - but are you aware of the full range of fantastical benefits these botanical beauties can bring? Indoor greenery should be a home-staple for so many more reasons than just décor - read on to find out why!


During the photosynthesis process, plants release oxygen in the same way we release carbon dioxide - making people and plants natural partners. Your body will thank you for the increase in oxygen levels around the house - studies have found that those who live in a green, oxygen-rich environment show improved concentration, memory and productivity!

Our recommendation: choose a tree with dense foliage and a wide leaf-span such as the Fig Tree. Not only is this ideal for oxygen release, but it’s fleshy, sweet figs ripen every autumn too! 


The water we give to our plants and trees naturally evaporates via their lush green leaves, leading to an increase in the humidity of the surrounding environment. Prolonged exposure to this heightened humidity, in turn, can lead to a decrease in mild health conditions such as dry skin, sore throats and colds.

Our recommendation: choose an evergreen with close-packed leaves - such as the Aloe Vera. Not only will this plant cleanse the air - its leaves are brimming with Aloe vera gel which is your very own natural first aid kit!


A number of studies have shown that working in a green environment can have a dramatic effect on mental capacity. Just like being outdoors, being around plants within the home improves concentration, memory and productivity in the long-term. Being ‘under the influence’ of plants can show an increase in memory retention of up to twenty percent!

Our recommendation: choose an evergreen with an abundance of foliage - such as the Coffee tree. This will add a feel-good atmosphere to any room, as well as promising a crop of 'cherries' from which coffee is made!

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Fig tree with tube and card
Fig tree
Aloe Vera with tube and card
Aloe Vera
Soothe & Rejuvenate
Coffee tree with tube and card
Coffee tree
Good HealthPositivity
Lemon tree with tube and card
Lemon tree
Good HealthSuccess
Fern with tube and card
New BeginningsGood Fortune