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Bird Friendly Gardening

Our summer weather can be unpredictable and changeable. When it is gloriously sunny and dry, we all enjoy feeling the warmth, but it can be just too hot at times! Imagine how hard it is for our garden birds to stay cool and healthy in the sizzling temperatures. Unfortunately, birds aren’t able to pop into the local corner shop to pick up a delicious icy treat, but we’ve got some great tips on how to keep your garden birds happy in the heat!


Birds naturally seek out shady patches low to the ground during the hottest time of the day, so be sure to clear some areas of garden under your larger trees and garden shrubs to encourage birds to rest there. If you have a bird bath, set this under the shade of a large tree to ensure the water stays cool throughout the day to allow birds to rest and recuperate in a refreshing environment!


Bird baths are a fantastic way to keep birds hydrated over the warmer months, so be sure to top up your bath regularly on warmer days to avoid too much loss through evaporation. Rippling water is very attractive to birds, so if your bath isn’t tempting birds closer, consider adding a small fountain or dripper.

You may have noticed fewer birds fluttering around your garden during summer days, this is because birds naturally change their activity patterns so they are less active during the midday heat and move more to find food in the evening when the air is cooler.


If you are planning to throw some food to your birds, be sure to do this in the afternoon rather than earlier in the day. Birds need succulent, wet, fat-rich foods to stay hydrated in summer. Lay out food later in the day so it doesn’t dry out and try to avoid offering food to birds which may go rancid in the heat (such as suet).

Follow these simple tips and you’ll have flocks of twittering friends back in your garden in no time. Remember water, food and shade are all sure-fire ways to attract a variety of birds to your garden during summer.

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