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All our trees are lovingly grown in The Present Tree's gardens. Every tree is growing in an organic pot filled with top-notch compost. It's freshly selected and wrapped with your message, the tree's ancient story and a care guide enclosed. Your tree gift will travel in its luxury parcel by our free UK delivery service. You can also choose Next Day, a future date and EU delivery.


Ilex aquifolium




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 In Celtic mythology the sacred Holly tree symbolises peace and goodwill.

This beautiful evergreen tree has been treasured for centuries for its bright red berries which ripen every winter. The Holly tree's glossy, spiked leaves are wonderful for garden birds to safely make their nests. In spring the delicate, scented flowers are loved by our bees and butterflies. A Holly tree is either male or female. This becomes apparent as the tree matures; the male Holly tree has pale yellow flowers and the female’s are white. 

An exclusively designed card with your personal message, the story of the Holly tree's ancient symbolism and a full care guide is also enclosed with your gift. You can add an engraved brass plaque (see images) inscribed with your message so this special gift is always remembered.

For more symbolism read our blog on the Holly tree here.

Caring for your tree

Your Holly tree will happily grow in its organic pot for the next few weeks, just place it in a sheltered spot outside or in a cool conservatory. Holly trees appreciate being drenched with water (fresh rain water is best) when the top soil is almost dry. It’s important not to over-water as the roots will suffocate, if constantly wet. We have added special nutrients to your tree’s compost and these little beads of goodness will release over several months to ensure your tree continues to flourish.

Plant your Holly tree, still in its organic pot so the roots are not disturbed, in a larger flower pot (one with holes for drainage) or in a sunny spot in the garden.

Tree Height

Holly trees may be trimmed into a formal topiary shape, they may reach a height of 2 metres in 10 years, if allowed to grow naturally.


Your parcel travels in a clear eco bag so the couriers and recipients are aware a living tree is inside it and must be opened as soon as possible.