Every Orange tree has a story...

Tree Meanings

Since ancient times Orange trees have been drenched in meaning and mystery. Throughout the centuries, they can be seen peeking out from the corners of paintings and in the backdrop of our favourite myths and legends.

Many believe that it’s the classical tale of Hesperides that has given the Orange tree and its fruit so much air-time in the art-world; tracing back to the Greek legend of the golden apples: in ancient mythology Hercules is challenged to steal the mystical golden apples (now believed to be oranges) from Hesperides’ garden as a wedding gift for Zeus, king of the gods.

From this point, the western world has associated the Orange tree with kindness, loyalty and generosity! This has been enhanced by the fruit's full flavour and sweetness which has been used in recipes around the world. There's a Marmalade recipe here.

Oranges and other sun-coloured citrus fruits can be found in portraits and still life paintings throughout the centuries. In the Baroque era, this exotic fruit was popularly associated with the high social status of noble men and women. The Orange became a symbol of their prosperity as it suggested great wealth, dreamy destinations and far-off lands. 

In Eastern history, Orange trees have come to symbolise prosperity and happiness. The Chinese word for tangerine stems from the word “luck,” and the word for an orange sounds similar to the word “wealth.” Even today in China and Japan, bright orange fruits are used to adorn homes and shops to welcome the coming year with good fortune!

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