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Myrtle tree meaning

In Ancient mythology the Myrtle tree is sacred, especially to Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty. Myrtle trees were planted in Aphrodite’s temple gardens and she is often depicted with a Myrtle crown or wreath. For centuries, fragrant sprigs of Myrtle have been included in a wedding bouquet to symbolise the bride’s love and beauty, it is still a popular European custom today.

The trees most sacred to the ancient gods and goddesses often have a special association with bees too, as they were highly regarded by ancient people. Since ancient times, bees have been treasured as pollinators, for providing precious honey and respected because, like humans, bees live in highly organized communities.

The gorgeous ornamental Myrtle tree has an abundance of dainty, aromatic leaves all year. Its star-like white flowers blossom in summer with a wonderful fragrance that is loved by our bees. The Myrtle tree’s edible blueberries ripen in autumn and are treasured for their delicious spicy-sweet flavour. Traditionally, the berries are steeped in alcohol to make the delicious liqueur, Mirto!

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