Every Lemon tree has a story

Tree Meanings

The citric and sour fruit of the Lemon tree is enjoyed in a variety of dishes, from salad dressings to delicious puddings; but deeply rooted in ancient cultures, the lemon tree has an important symbolism - and its meaning is actually rather sweet! 

This member of the citrus tree family, also known as Citrus Limon, has been named ‘the health-giving citrus tree’, and used in ritual practises for protection and healing. The tree itself was previously used to protect people and others around them against negative entities such as witchcraft. 

Archaeological evidence certifies that lemon fruits have been cultivated for as many as 4,000 years and since branching out of Asia, they have been praised for their range of medicinal properties. In ancient Rome and Egypt, lemon juice and oil would be used to heal colds and fevers. Ancient Egyptians would ingest the juice of a lemon regularly to protect them against poison - Greeks even believed that it helped to prevent snake poison from harming the body! Up to the present day, the lemon’s sacred healing properties can be seen in Chinese medicine, and in the European's use of its oil to remedy asthma and even insomnia. 

In Tudor England, cordials known as “Water Imperials” were drunk by nobility for healing. In Medieval France, a similar drink was used to renew a person’s youth, invigorate energy levels and strengthen their mental health.

In more present-day realms, today's nutritionists worship the magical properties of the lemon tree. Bursting with vital vitamins and minerals, its natural oils, leaves and fruit are fabulous at giving the body’s important immune system the boost that it needs. The evergreen plant maintains its lush green leaves all year round and with some good TLC, it can sustain life for more than 100 years. It is not surprising that the Lemon tree is often associated with everlasting protection, healing and good health.  

Furthermore, the Lemon tree has long been considered a valuable luxury and a  symbol of prosperity. In Rome, Egypt and China, only the most elite would decorate their homes and gardens with this vibrant plant as a means to display their wealth and success. So much so, that for centuries, the bright, yellow lemon fruit became integral to still-life and portrait painting which demonstrated both the elite status of their subject and the buyer’s sophisticated taste.

The Lemon tree has its own sweet story and its endowment of good health and success is everlasting! 

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