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Fig Tree

It is said that when you see a Fig tree or its fruit in a dream, you are about to enter a period of growth and prosperity in your life- so let's look out for visions of Fig trees! If you've ever tasted the juicy, honey-sweet and plump fruit of a fig, you may understand why it has been celebrated throughout history.

From a spiritual symbol to a luxurious treat, the Fig tree is steeped in ancient meaning and for millennia, has symbolised wisdom and success in an abundance. Fig trees were so highly valued by the ancient Greeks that it was considered an honour to bestow upon the winner of various competitions. In ancient Egypt, the fig was associated with the primordial earth mothers Hathor, Nut and Isis as the “Lady of the Sycomore Fig” otherwise known as the Tree of Life. The large roots of a fig tree have been thought to represent the past, its trunk the present, and its branches the future to come. The tree has consequently been tied to the bounty of nature, and the success and wisdom of the incessant cycle of life.

Not only will your Fig tree bring you yummy, ripe fruit in the Autumn, but the Fig tree will also be very happy growing in your sunny garden, a cool conservatory or bright greenhouse. Its luscious leaves have a large surface area which is fantastic for improving indoor air quality. With benefits as lovely as these, we think this luxurious tree is pretty perfect!

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Fig tree with tube and card
Fig tree