Rose Infused Gin Recipe


Rose Infused Gin Recipe

Not only do roses look beautiful, they can be a subtle floral addition to drinks! Below we have a super simple recipe to make your own rose infused gin which only requires two ingredients! You can check out our beautiful Rose Bush with luscious roses that will blossom for years to come.


  • Rose petals
  • Gin
  • Clip top preserve jar - 0.5L


  • Pick and wash enough rose petals to fill your jar - Pick the flowers that have recently opened and look fresh and clean. The stronger the scent from the rose the more fragrant your gin will be.
(Take only the petals, if you leave the rest of the flower it means rosehips may still be produced later in the year.)
  • Chop the petals. This speeds up the process in which the gin takes the flavour and colour.
  • Place the petals in the jar and add gin, just enough to cover the petals.
  • Close the lid and leave in the fridge for 18-24 hours - keep an eye on the colour.
  • Strain the petals and you’ll be left with a lovely floral gin!

TPT Top Tip: You can freeze the rose petals afterwards and use them for garnishing cocktails or cakes!


Rose Bush Pink with tube and card
Rose bush