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Best Fruit Trees


Our top 4 fruit trees will promise a lifetime of delicious treats. If you’re stuck for choice then take a look below to find out when our beautiful fruit trees will flower and produce mouth watering fruits! Remember…the best kind of gift is one that keeps giving, year after year!

This fabulous range of fruit tree gifts are perfect to grow in a small space and will flourish for years in an outdoor flower pot on a terrace or balcony too!


Flowers blossom in March

Fruits ripen from August to October

Savoury or sweet, hazelnuts are a treat! As the nuts ripen, they drop from the tree over approximately six weeks. Once harvested hazelnuts can be grated, chopped or roasted to give flavour and texture to many dishes. Why not try our favourite - roast your hazelnuts with cinnamon sugar, crush them up and sprinkle them, still warm, over ice-cream, drizzled with delicious honey! Or you can read our Nutella recipe here.

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Flowers blossom in June

Fruits ripen in November

There’s something special about the ancient Olive tree and its soft, silvery-green foliage. The tiny fruits can be seen in late june and it’s a marvel to watch them flourish and ripen over summer and autumn. You can harvest olives in late autumn when they are green or wait until they have fully ripened into a shiny black fruit. Either way, you can view our guide on 'How to Cure Olives' here.

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Flowers blossom in April

Fruits ripen in August and September

Rowan berries are delicious when cooked into sauces and an incredible source of vitamin C! They are maybe not one of the most well-known fruiting trees, but jars of home-made rowan jelly make delightful gifts for loved ones at Christmas! But be careful - raw rowan berries can upset your tummy - so make sure you cook them before having a nibble! See our Rowan Jelly recipe here.

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    Flowers in June

    Fruits ripen in September

    Celebrate a special date in autumn with a lush Grapevine gift. You can remember your special day when the sweet, blushing grapes ripen, year after year! There’s nothing better than the refreshing sweetness of a full bunch of your own grapes. It takes about three months from the appearance of tiny grapes to the day when they are finally ripe enough to harvest - so be patient! To make your own wine from your Grapevine click here.

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    TPT Top Tip: Always remember to leave some fruit on the tree for our wildlife. Wild birds and small creatures depend on these fruits to provide them with vital food all winter.

    Hazel tree with tube and card
    Hazel tree
     Olive tree with tube and card
    Olive tree
    Rowan tree with tube and card
    Rowan tree
    Tree of LifeProtection
    Grapevine tree with tube and card