Winter Garden Tips

Gardening Tips

Winter Garden Tips

Now is the time gardeners begin thinking about how to prepare their gardens for winter. As the leaves fall, the earth begins to draw as much energy as possible from its surroundings before lying dormant for the cold weeks ahead. Read on for our top tips on how to keep your garden happy and healthy over winter.


Before the ground gets too hard, it’s important to feed your soil as much as possible in preparation for the chilly winter. As we know, to save energy throughout the winter time many of our beloved native trees shed their leaves and begin to slow down their natural processes in order to preserve energy – much like how a bear hibernates in winter. So to make sure your plants and trees remain happy and healthy in the winter months it is important that they are given the opportunity to store as much energy as possible before their processes slow down.

Now is the time to give your plants a heavy sprinkling of nutrient-rich compost! We use an organic compost that is bursting with rich nutrients. Add your compost when the ground isn’t too cold or too hard (as turning the soil to mix in these conditions could damage the roots of your plants). 


Once you have added your compost – leave your soil be. Your trees’ roots are slowly taking in nutrients whilst using very little energy to grow and repair – so if you are to damage the root structures of your trees and shrubs in winter – this could prove fatal.


Birds are a huge part of any garden, and for good reason. As the birds and bugs feed on our local plant-life, they spread the seeds wherever they go. In winter it becomes increasingly hard for birds to find seeds and berries – so now is the time to put up your bird feeders and top them up regularly.