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Proudly free from harmful pesticides at The Present Tree

We love the wildlife around us and protecting it is at the centre of what we do. We also love our pets (or smaller, fluffier members of the family) and they are often found visiting The Present Tree headquarters and joining in on the fun! We want you to feel assured that the products used to nurture your precious tree whilst it is with us are fully organic, and safe for your pets - whether they are at home playing, napping or curiously nibbling. 

Whilst it is vital we deter the pests that like to munch on our leaves, as a team devoted to nature, we will never use pest deterrents that contain harmful chemicals and nasty toxins. Instead, we have created a perfect blend of natural oils that work as an eco-friendly alternative to pesticides. Each tree that you order is nurtured using our finest, most delicious-smelling natural oils. 

Shop for your own Complete Organic Plant Care Kit and rest easy knowing that your much-loved pets are safe from harm and enjoy watching your trees flourish and thrive with thanks. 

We have written a bog about Organic Gardening and why it is so incredibly important. You can have a read here

Please note: Although we can’t promise that the tree itself is 100% safe for every pet and you are unsure, then please contact your vet for advice on which tree is the best fit for your family. 

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