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Organic Gardening Guide

Posted on April 06 2020

Organic Gardening Guide

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘You are what you eat’? Well, this doesn’t just apply to us at dinnertime! Gardeners are becoming more aware of the lengthy list of benefits which comes from nurturing trees and plants organically. The idea of giving plants a synthetic-free diet via the nutrient-rich soil which surrounds them is increasingly popular.

Chemical pesticides and fertilisers may seem like an appealing option at first glance, but the harsh substances within them can linger in the atmosphere, the ground and seep into watercourses long after the initial application. This toxic ‘run-off’ is a real threat to the delicate ecosystem around us. Harmful chemicals have a powerfully negative knock-on effect to all manner of living creatures – including our local pollinators! Remember… bee nice and think organic!

Organic gardening doesn’t cause these nasty side-effects – in fact, quite the opposite! Nourishing your garden with something all-natural will provide your local ecosystem with powerful goodness which can help it thrive!

Gardening organically produces plant-life rich in natural nutrients and minerals, much higher than those grown in chemically enhanced soil. And to create a happy, healthy environment where your garden can thrive is so much easier than you think. It all starts with some quality compost.

Creating compost from scraps of fruits and veggies from your kitchen will give back a multitude of nutrients to the earth and organisms living within it, not to mention – it’s super easy! It also eases the growing problems we’re facing with land-fill; it’s been found that one third of all land-fill sites is taken up by organic waste from our kitchens – so why not do your part? Helping the environment will help you feel good too!

Here at The Present Tree, we pride ourselves in nurturing everything organically. This means we never, ever use harmful chemicals or pesticides, just an organic blend that is wonderful for you, the trees, our wildlife and the planet. Click here to find out more about our Organic Plant Care range so you can continue to organically nurture your tree gift!

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