A Guide to Foraging

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A Guide to Foraging


There’s nothing like finding something for nothing and at this time of year our native hedgerows are simply brimming with delicious treats, ripe and ready to eat! It’s not just the birds who are benefiting from our lengthy summer and now that the weather is beginning to cool it’s the perfect time to get out and about. Feeling inspired to go on a delicious adventure? Here’s a list of the things we love to forage in Autumn!


These are found hanging low on Hazel trees from mid-August to late October, and can be nibbled as soon as they’re picked! If you can stop yourself from eating them all on the journey home, they are also delicious roasted on a fire.


These bunches of marble-shaped yellow berries (found on the Rose Bush) are packed with vitamin C, and can be brewed to make a yummy syrup (which also doubles as an at-home cold-cure!) 


These plump, blue berries are found on the blackthorn bushes lining our hedgerows. They are famous for the sumptuously sweet cocktail they create when steeped in gin - but also make a mouth-watering jam! These are usually best picked after the first frost, as it’s said this softens the skin and makes for a juicier berry.

Before foraging you must always remember these rules:

  1. Be respectful of the local landscape. Leave the areas you explore in the state you found them (without littering, damaging the environment or leaving a mess behind you).
  2. Ensure you leave enough for the surrounding wildlife. They depend on hedgerow fruits and nuts all winter, so never take more than you need and be mindful of the habitat you’re foraging in. 
  3. Find out who owns the area. Don’t roam too far or onto private land - the owners may not be happy if you’re caught snooping in their hedges!
    Hazel tree with tube and card
    Hazel tree
    Rose Bush Pink with tube and card
    Rose bush