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Bee Friendly Gardening

Posted on August 06 2021

Bee Friendly Gardening


Even when we close our eyes we can tell…summer is here! The warm breeze on our face, the sweet scent of blossom filling the air and a gentle hum of friendly bumble bees bobbing around the garden tells us that our favourite time of year is upon us once again.

You may have heard that over the last few decades, the UK bee population has been in decline. Buzzing pollinators are facing new, heightened threats from the modern world - such as disease, poisoning and neglect from their human community. This means that it’s more important than ever to offer our bee-friends a healthy and pleasant environment to live and work.


Not only will the bees thank you for it, your garden will blossom brighter than ever with the introduction of its new pollinating community!

Plant bee-friendly trees and shrubs 

Research shows that bees are attracted to pollen-rich plants…and that goes for trees too! Trees such as Silver Birch, Hazel, Cherry and Oak produce higher-than-average levels of pollen throughout the year, making them a great pit-stop for bees! Shop our wild, pollen-rich tree gifts here.

Make a bee habitat

Bees naturally like to tunnel around in the undergrowth. They find their way into mounds of soil, grass and other garden roughage - so pick a spot in your garden and let it run a little wilder than usual! Bees are wild creatures and much prefer a natural habitat than shop-bought bee-boxes.

Go all natural

Avoid using pesticides and weedkillers in your garden especially near blooming flowers. Spraying unnatural chemicals pollutes the precious habitat for all your local creatures and our bees are particularly sensitive. Natural methods of weed and pest control are healthier for everyone and feels so good too!

Offer a drink

Provide much-needed water for busy bees! They find it hard to drink out of bird baths as they are often too deep (and they can’t land on deep water). It is best to create a shallow pool for them to drink, complete with a few rocks or marbles scattered in it so they can perch safely.

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