A luxury tree gift for every special occasion



Hawthorn Tree - Perfect for an anniversaryCamellia giftSilver Birch Tree - Perfect for Silver Anniversaries

Hawthorn - Camellia - Silver Birch

Plant a beautiful, symbolic tree to mark a special anniversary



Evergreen Cherry treeTea PlantTruffle tree

Cherry - Tea - Truffle

Celebrate a birthday with a gorgeous tree gift that grows and grows



Wild Pear treeArbutus tree giftEvergreen Cherry tree

Wild Pear - Arbutus - Cherry

Give one of these magical trees to celebrate a special moment forever


Thank you

Tea PlantElder treeArbutus tree

Tea - Elder - Arbutus

The perfect tree gifts to say a 'thank you' they'll always remember


Good Luck

  Wild Pear treeArbutus treeElder tree

Wild Pear - Arbutus - Elder

Our luckiest, most magical tree gifts to inspire and bring good fortune



Entwined Pear treeTruffle treeCamellia

Entwined Pear - Truffle - Camellia

Our most romantic tree gifts for a loved-up couple.


House Warming

Olive treeRowan treeBay tree


A thoughtful, long lasting present to make a house a home


In Tribute

Bay treeIrish Oak treeHolly tree

Bay - Oak - Holly

Plant a sacred tree in loving memory of someone special



CamelliaHawthorn treeEntwined Pear tree

 Camellia - Hawthorn - Entwined Pear

A tree gift to love, flourish and grow with the happy couple


New baby

Silver Birch treeRowan treeHawthorn tree

Silver Birch - Rowan - Hawthorn

Baby's special tree gift, they'll thrive, grow and blossom together


Tree Hugs

Tea PlantHolly treeOlive tree

Tea - Holly - Olive

Send one of these cheerful beauties, guaranteed to bring a smile



Truffle treeOlive treeIrish Oak tree

TruffleOlive - Oak
Give one of these sacred trees to bring some well-earned peace, relaxation and happiness.