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Every Arbutus tree has a story...

Posted on September 05 2018


The glossy leaves, cinnamon-like bark, scented flowers and strawberry fruits of the Arbutus tree have been much admired for centuries! The ancient Romans associated this tree with many magical powers and it was said that if you could find an Arbutus branch which hung with three berries that this would bring good fortune. The bell-shaped, white-pink flowers are also seen as lucky and were often laid on graves to ensure loved-ones could make their way safely to their next life.

The red, gem-like fruit of the Arbutus tree are said to be a particular favourite of the goddesses of Love, Venus and Aphrodite. This tree was sacred to them and symbolised their power to enhance feelings of love and gratitude. The Arbutus unedo is a relative of the Rose family, well known for its romantic, love-inducing properties.

The plump berries of the Arbutus are also said to possess euphoric and energising properties. This is because they are known to turn a little boozy as they ripen! Excessive consumption may cause drowsiness and feelings of tipsiness. These berries (when perfectly ripe) make a delicious conserve for spreading on your morning toast or between two layers of Victoria sponge (complete with cream, of course!). 

 The Arbutus tree makes a fabulous gift because of its colourful past, steeped in mythology and symbolism. For more information and growing tips take a look at The Present Tree's gorgeous Arbutus tree gift here.

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