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Elderflower Gin Recipe

Posted on June 18 2018

Elderflower Gin Recipe

It’s that time of year again! Last year we posted our favourite Elderflower cordial recipe, but this time…something exclusively for the grown-ups to enjoy! You may have guessed it already, but the heady notes of Elderflowers and the snippy bite of Juniper berries complement each other rather well - so we have come up with a delicious recipe to bring these perfect partners together.

First pick your blossom from your Elder tree. The optimal time to do this is just as the buds begin to open - anytime in May and June depending on where you live and the climate. As the flowers begin to and wilt droop on the branch it may lead to a certain sour flavour which isn’t quite so desirable in a delicious gin-ny treat.

You will need to collect around 25 Elderflower heads from the garden before beginning to concoct your brew!


  • 1 bottle of good quality gin
  • 1 mason jar (sterilised)
  • 25 elderflower heads (just the blooms - stems removed)
  • zest of 1 lime
  • 5 tbsp sugar


Add the sugar and lime zest to the sterile mason jar, then pour over the gin. Gently shake until dissolved fully, then add the Elderflowers. Press down to remove air bubbles and stir the mixture gently. Store in a cool, dark place for no more than 14 days, checking (and sampling) it regularly to ensure optimal flavour! Once you’re happy with the flavour, strain the mixture through a cheese cloth and return to the mason jar.

Serve with chilled tonic and a slice of cucumber for a refreshing summer tipple or give as a fabulous summer gift to your friends!

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