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Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2018

Posted on February 21 2018

Sunday 11th March 2018.

Mother’s Day is one of the most important dates in our calendar, yet we seem to feel it creep up on us with surprise! As we know, the gifting season can be treacherous and full of last-minute, panic buys; but with the growing trend for being thoughtful, this year a scented candle and a bunch of flowers just aren’t going to cut the mustard! The time has come to give something memorable, joyful and guaranteed to bring a smile this Mother’s Day. And so, with this in mind we’ve laid out our favourite gifts to give this March. After all, the super mums and the mother-figures in our life deserve only the very best!

For the mum who's the best cook. Look no further than our beautiful Bay tree. This steadfast evergreen produces fragrant, dainty yellow blossoms each Spring and its leaves are a delicious addition to home-cooked soups, stews and roasts. It will grow happily on a sunny balcony or cool conservatory, or in a garden where it can be celebrated by your local bees, butterflies and birds!

For a gift to say ‘Thank you’ to a mum who is fond of the finer things is life, give the gift of a gorgeous Orange tree. Steeped in ancient lore and symbolising generosity, prosperity and happiness, the fruit from this tree can be made into a delicious liquor or sumptuous marmalade. Its delicate white blossom is beautiful in spring and its luscious green leaves can be admired all year round. 

For a Mum who is completely adored, why not take a look at our Wild Rose tree? In ancient times the Rose was treasured as a symbol of love and affection. Each summer your gift will unfurl its leaves and produce the most beautifully fragrant, deep-pink roses for miles around! In autumn, you can expect cherry-red rose hips which will attract flocks of your favourite twittering garden birds.

For a Mum who’s always there with a brew, is there a more perfect gift than the Tea plant? Loved for its leaves’ aroma and flavour, the Tea plant has been celebrated as a symbol of peace and serenity across the ages. The Present Tree's comes beautifully wrapped and includes a tealeaf infuser and full guide on how to make your choice of black or green tea! 

If you and your Mum share a truly magical relationship then take a look at our stunning Hawthorn tree. In Celtic mythology, it is celebrated as the most magical tree in all the forest. It’s so sacred that fairies live underneath its branches to guard it! You can expect the Hawthorn’s dainty branches to become abundant with fragrant white blossom every spring and produce fiery-red berries in autumn which can be made into a delicious relish.

For more tree gift ideas take a look at our Mother's Day collection here.

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