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Every Irish Oak tree has a story...

Irish Oak Tree Meaning

This majestic tree is much-loved in Celtic mythology for its strength and longevity. Known as the ‘King of the Forest’, for thousands of years the Druids have worshipped the Irish Oak as their most sacred tree. The word Druid actually comes from the Celtic word for Oak, ‘Duir’. The Druids also believed that the Oak tree is host to the strength and energy of their gods and so to catch a falling Oak leaf brings good luck and prosperity.

In mythology, the Irish Oak symbolises truth, courage and wisdom. This derives from the Ancient Celts, who observed the Oak’s incredible strength, beauty and noble presence.

The Oak tree is treasured by many cultures throughout Europe, including ancient Greeks, who associated the tree with their most powerful god Zeus, the king of all the gods and the sky. Perhaps this is because the Oak tree is most prone to lightning strikes, yet when struck will often continue to thrive.

The Irish Oak tree has an abundance of lush, green leaves in spring and summer, this dense foliage provides vital cover for small birds to safely make their nests. The acorns of the Oak tree which ripen in late summer, are wonderful food for many creatures making thris tree one of the most important for our native wildlife.

March 10, 2017 by Catherine Cunningham

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