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All our trees are lovingly grown in The Present Tree's gardens. Every tree is growing in an organic pot filled with top-notch compost. It's freshly selected and wrapped with your message, the tree's ancient story and a care guide enclosed. Your tree gift will travel in its luxury parcel by our free UK delivery service. You can also choose Next Day, a future date and EU delivery.

Christmas Trees fake or real - which is best?

Why a living Christmas tree is better than an artificial or cut tree.

Imagine your own family Christmas tree growing in a pot outside all year then coming inside at Christmas time to be decorated. ‘A living Christmas tree is a lovely idea’ says Harry, father of 2 boys, ‘Our Christmas tree is growing up with our boys, it’s been part of the family since they were babies.’

Good for our children

Children love bringing their own Christmas tree in from the garden, putting on the lights and decorations.’ says Anna, a teacher and mum, ‘In the New Year the tree is simply carried, still in its pot, outside to the garden where it grows merrily until next year.'

Good for our planet

It’s pretty obvious how a living, growing tree is better for our planet than an artificial or cut tree, but here are some interesting facts. An artificial tree is made of plastic and uses 40kg CO2; a cut tree is better but still damages the environment with a 3.5kg carbon footprint. They have to be disposed somehow, usually in landfill.

‘Growing our own Christmas tree gives everyone a great feeling of being eco friendly’ says Andrew, a conservationist, ‘we’re doing our bit for the environment and it’s fun’

Good for us

It's great when your Christmas tree is growing outside, just waiting for its time to shine every year. No more shopping for a cut tree or dragging a plastic one down from the attic. It's pretty much hassle-free and lovely to see it grow in the garden all year.

Christmas Trees fake or real - which is best?'

The Present Tree’s potted Christmas trees are beautifully gift wrapped and include a hand written personal message, tree care guide and free delivery anywhere in EU.


November 12, 2013 by Catherine Cunningham

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