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Best Trees for Birds

Birdscaping Your Garden

Birdscaping is landscaping a garden to create a natural haven for our song birds.
With a little knowledge and imagination any space, from a city balcony to a country garden can attract an eclectic mix of birdlife and winter is the perfect time to start! Adding bird feeders and baths to our outside spaces will instantly transform it into a winter paradise for our feathered friends.
We can also create a natural, long-lasting way to produce wonderful winter food and shelter for our precious garden birds... by planting bird friendly trees! 

 Here’s our top FIVE winter birdscaping trees to especially attract Robins, Blackbirds, Wrens, Thrushes, Tits, House Sparrows and Doves.

Birdscaping Your GardenBirdscaping Your GardenBirdscaping Your GardenBirdscaping Your GardenBirdscaping Your Garden
A HOLLY tree’s bright red berries are full of goodness and energy for
our birds and its spiky leaves provide protection from predators too.

The beautiful CHERRY tree’s blossoms attract a crowd of insects
which are a great food and the fruit is loved by many small birds too.

Elderberries from the ELDER tree are high in vitamins and
nutrients to nourish all our birds in autumn and winter.

The ROWAN tree’s abundance of berries means there’s plenty of
fruit for song birds. This small native tree is a winner in any garden.

Also known as the strawberry tree, the ARBUTUS has flowers
and fruit in winter which are highly nutritious for all our birds.
January 19, 2017 by Catherine Cunningham

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