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Best Gifts for someone who loves a tipple...

Posted on May 03 2018

The pleasures of an occasional tipple are enjoyed by many and the trend for creating your own home-grown drink is booming! It’s easy to see the appeal of growing, harvesting and boozifying a crop straight from your garden. The tasty rewards are almost surpassed by the sheer satisfaction of creating a tasty home-brewed beverage. 

When it comes to buying a gift for someone who appreciates a tasty tipple more people are thinking outside the, ahem, bottle. From the friend who loves fizz and bubbles to the fancy wine connoisseur, bypass your supermarket’s alcohol aisle and read on! 

We’ve curated a collection of our favourite tree gifts which will bring a smile to someone’s face AND bring the joy of a delicious tipple! 

The Myrtle Tree

The Myrtle tree’s spicy sweet berries are treasured for their flavour and produce a delicious herbal liqueur, called Mirto. But that’s not all! The Myrtle tree’s star-like white flowers can be used to produce a tipple called Mirto Bianco, which is not only delicious but is known for its great digestive properties. Discover the Mirto recipe here.

The Tea Tree

Throughout spring and summer, your Tea bush yields a flush of bright fragrant foliage. When picked, you can cure the aromatic leaves to produce white, green and black tea! From this, you can make a delightful home-brewed kombucha! Growing ever-trendier, this Korean health-drink produces a tiny-tipsy punch of unique, tangy flavour enjoyed throughout the world.

The Elder Tree

At the beginning of summer, you can spot the Elder’s abundance of delicate white blossom throughout woodlands and gardens. The scented Elderflowers can produce an enchanting, summer cordial which is delicious when used to top up an icy gin and tonic!

The Grapevine

Need we say more? A gift perfect for wine-lovers, your Grapevine gift produces dainty bunches of sweet, ruby-red grapes each autumn. When fermented, can create a unique brand of local tipple! Here's a recipe for making your own wine.


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