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Organically nurtured, beautifully wrapped, freshly delivered tree gifts
All our trees are lovingly grown in The Present Tree's gardens. Every tree is growing in an organic pot filled with top-notch compost. It's freshly selected and wrapped with your message, the tree's ancient story and a care guide enclosed. Your tree gift will travel in its luxury parcel by our free UK delivery service. You can also choose Next Day, a future date and EU delivery.

About our Biodegradable Pots

All our trees are packaged in biodegradable pots, but why is that so important?

About our Biodegradable Pots

1. Good for the tree
It is essential to protect the tender roots of a tree, that’s why our trees always travel in biodegradable pots. It means their roots are kept snug, secure and watered on their journey. The young tree will arrive super healthy and continue to thrive in its new home.

2. Good for the planet
We love our biodegradable pots! They are 100% natural, made of sustainable spruce fibres and manufactured without the use of glues or binders. Our pots are biodegradable and compostable, so they give the very best to our planet.

3. Good for you
Our trees will be happy in their pots for several weeks. So there’s plenty of time to choose where to plant it - in an outdoor pot on the patio or somewhere in your garden. A tree that travels without a pot must be planted straight away to give it moisture and ensure it survives.

About our Biodegradable Pots

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October 25, 2013 by Catherine Cunningham
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