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All our trees are lovingly grown in The Present Tree's gardens. Every tree is growing in an organic pot filled with top-notch compost. It's freshly selected and wrapped with your message, the tree's ancient story and a care guide enclosed. Your tree gift will travel in its luxury parcel by our free UK delivery service. You can also choose Next Day, a future date and EU delivery.

Graduation Tree Gift Ideas

Graduation Tree Gifts

Be it college or university - it seems as though every summer we’re being contacted by another family member who seems to have grown up suspiciously quickly! Before we know it, we’ve been invited to yet another graduation ceremony. 

We know that it’s hard to find the perfect gift - but look no further! Leave behind the last-minute faffing and take a look at our beautiful tree gift guide.

Not only do our gorgeous tree gifts symbolise growth, knowledge and the magic of life - they will create memories that last forever.


Wild Apple Tree GiftAlso known as the Tree of Love, in ancient mythology the Wild Apple tree symbolises knowledge, immortality and future happiness. The Apple tree’s historical roots are deep in Greek mythology (the famous golden apples stolen by Hercules in the Garden of Hesperides), and the infamous story of  Sir Isaac Newton - with an apple inspiring him to formulate his theory of gravity.





Arbutus Tree GiftIn classical mythology this tree is magical and symbolises gratitude and good fortune. Ancient cultures believed that the Arbutus tree is sacred due to its strength and beauty. The Native Americans have many legends about the Arbutus, and it is known that “The tree's webbed roots hold the splintered earth together.” - holding together communities with its strength. The Arbutus has glossy, evergreen leaves all year and clusters of white, fragrant flowers which blossom in early autumn. These flowers are a haven for honey bees and butterflies!




Cherry Tree Gift

Well known for its presence in both contemporary and traditional art - the Cherry tree symbolises good fortune and future happiness. It’s pale cream blossom will flourish each summer, and is said to represent the beauty of life and the journey of renewal. The Cherry tree will happily thrive in any garden, balcony or cool conservatory and can be clipped into a variety of shapes using topiary, a perfect way to show off creativity to the neighbours!




Grapevine Tree Gift 



In ancient mythology the grapevine symbolises faith, kindness and generosity. Not only does it have a long, rich history, it also produces juicy, mouth watering ruby-red grapes year after year - perfect for making your very own wine! During spring, fresh leaves and clusters of pale green flowers appear. 

August 18, 2017 by Holly Tisdale

Small Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees for Small Gardens

Our fabulous range of fruit tree gifts are perfect to grow in a small space and will flourish for years in an outdoor flower pot on a terrace or balcony too!

Our top 6 fruit trees will promise a lifetime of delicious treats. If you’re stuck for choice then take a look below to find out when our beautiful fruit trees will flower and produce mouth watering fruits! Remember…the best kind of gift is one that keeps giving, year after year!


Flowers blossom in April

Fruits ripen in August and September

Rowan berries are delicious when cooked into sauces and an incredible source of vitamin C! They are maybe not one of the most well-known fruiting trees, but jars of home-made rowan jelly make delightful gifts for loved ones at Christmas! But be careful - raw rowan berries can upset your tummy - so make sure you cook them before having a nibble! See our Rowan Jelly recipe here…


Flowers blossom in March

Fruits ripen from August to October

Savoury or sweet, hazelnuts are a treat! As the nuts ripen, they drop from the tree over approximately six weeks. Once harvested hazelnuts can be grated, chopped or roasted to give flavour and texture to many dishes. Why not try our favourite - roast your hazelnuts with cinnamon sugar, crush them up and sprinkle them, still warm, over ice-cream, drizzled with delicious honey! Or you can read our nutella recipe here…


Flowers in June

Fruits ripen in September

We love the beautiful Elder tree with its delicate, white blossoms which can be harvested in early summer. The flowers are used to create a sweet Elderflower cordial which can be added to sparkling (or tonic!) water. Its dark, sweet berries are a fantastic ingredient in traditional puddings too. You will know if the elderberries are ripe, as they will be a rich colour and soft to touch. View our Elderflower cordial recipe here…



Flowers blossom in May

Fruits ripen in August

The glorious Myrtle tree has aromatic leaves all year which can be used to infuse marinades and soups with flavour. In spring its white flowers are full of the sweetest scent! Traditionally the spicy-sweet Myrtle berries are used to create the delicious Mediterranean liqueur, Mirto. This sweet ‘digestivo’ has been a local tradition for centuries and you can make your own using our Mirto recipe here…


Flowers blossom in June

Fruits ripen in November

There’s something special about the ancient Olive tree and its soft, silvery-green foliage. The tiny fruits can be seen in late june and it’s a marvel to watch them flourish and ripen over summer and autumn. You can harvest olives in late autumn when they are green or wait until they have fully ripened into a shiny black fruit. Either way you can view our Olive curing recipe here…


Flowers in June

Fruits ripen in September

Celebrate a special date in autumn with a lush Grapevine gift. You can remember your special day when the sweet, blushing grapes ripen, year after year! There’s nothing better than the refreshing sweetness of a full bunch of your own grapes. It takes about three months from the appearance of tiny grapes to the day when they are finally ripe enough to harvest - so be patient! To make your own wine from your Grapevine click here...

 Top tip when harvesting fruit trees!

Always remember to leave some fruit on the tree for our wildlife. Wild birds and small creatures depend on these fruits to provide them with vital food all winter.

August 02, 2017 by Catherine Cunningham

Unique wedding gifts

Wedding season is well and truly upon us! And whilst we’re all about celebrating a blossoming union (and we love a reception!) it can be tricky to find the perfect gift for the loved-up couple. Sound familiar? Well, fear not! We’ve compiled an easy-to-follow compendium of perfect tree gifts for wedding season 2017.

To choose a gift which will last a lifetime and flourish with the happy couple - read on!

Unique Wedding Gift Guide

Most Unusual Gift

The Entwined Pear Tree gift is a pair of Wild Pear trees growing together forever. Symbolising good health and future happiness, the exclusive Entwined Pear Tree Gift will blossom and grow with the bride and groom to create a stunning, unforgettable gift that will always be treasured.

The deciduous Pear tree naturally transforms with every season. In spring an abundance of white flowers blossom with a wonderful fragrance, to remind the newlyweds of their special day - covering the surrounding area in beautiful pear-blossom confetti!
Fresh leaves appear in early summer; this dense foliage is perfect for garden birds to safely make their nests. Dainty pears ripen in autumn, before the leaves turn stunning colours and fall.

Most Romantic Gift

The blossoming Camellia gift has symbolised love and devotion since ancient times. The perfect beauty and long-lasting quality of the flower has been appreciated by lovers across the globe as a token of their mutual adoration. Unlike many other flowers, the male and female parts of the camellia’s flower never separate even when the blossom wilts.falls with the petals when the flower has finished blooming - this phenomena has symbolised everlasting love and devotion.
The Camellia is also perfect for couples who don’t have much garden space - it will happily thrive in any garden, it also looks fabulous on a balcony or in a cool conservatory, blooming each year with flowers loved by bees and butterflies.

Most Magical Gift

The Hawthorn tree gift is perfect for couples who aren’t afraid of a little fantasy in their lives. Symbolising love and protection, the magical Hawthorn is steeped in myth and mystery!
Thomas the Rhymer, the famous thirteenth century Scottish mystic and poet, once met the Faery Queen by a Hawthorn tree - and the tree is so sacred that her kingdom of fairies guards each sacred tree.
The Hawthorn is at its most prominent in the landscape when it blossoms during the month of May, so would also be a fantastic gift to those couples who celebrate a May engagement! Each year on their anniversary will be marked by the eruption of beautiful, lace-like blossoms on the wonderful Hawthorn.


Already found the perfect tree gift? Then don’t delay! You can always order in advance by letting us know the date and location of the event so we can deliver the loved-up bride and groom a freshly selected, beautifully wrapped tree gift on their special day!

July 25, 2017 by Holly Tisdale

Making Your Own Wine


The lush, tendrilling Grapevine has a long, rich history, steeped in magic, mystery, and most importantly…mouth watering fruits!

We all know about Bacchus’s love of wine, and it’s no secret that Dionysis was partial to a glass or two… but who knew us mere mortals could make delicious wine in the comfort of our own homes?

Each year, your Grapevine will produce a bounty of sweet, ruby-red berries ripe for harvesting. So if you would like to turn your lush crop into home-made wine, read on…

Firstly, you’ll need to extract the juice from your succulent, sun-ripened grapes! Blend and strain your fruity mixture - or go for the more hands-on (and slightly messier) approach. What we’re looking to end up with is a few cups of delicious juice!

After this step, you’ll need to dissolve your sugar. The general rule is: for every cup of juice you have, you should add a quarter cup of sugar so that your yeast will be able to ferment nicely.

This brings us on to the yeast - we’d recommend using champagne yeast as this particular strain tends to yield the quickest result and ferments a brew of up to 18% alcohol content!

Make sure your sweet juice mixture is at room temperature (leave to stand for a couple of hours in a warm part of the house) and then add your yeast - it does its best fermenting in an atmosphere between 21 - 30C.

The rule of thumb is to use 1 teaspoon yeast for every three litres juice you want to ferment.

Once the yeast has been added, plug your bottle with an air-lock to allow carbon dioxide to be expelled and keep nasties at bay. Now all there’s left to do is wait... You’ll notice small bubbles appear in your airlock - once these bubbles have disappeared (usually after about 2 weeks), this means your delicious, home-made wine is ready to sample. Cheers!

To view the Grapevine gift click here...



July 05, 2017 by Catherine Cunningham

Every Myrtle Tree has a story...

Myrtle Tree Meaning

In Ancient mythology the Myrtle tree is sacred, especially to Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty. Myrtle trees were planted in Aphrodite’s temple gardens and she is often depicted with a Myrtle crown or wreath. For centuries, fragrant sprigs of Myrtle have been included in a wedding bouquet to symbolise the bride’s love and beauty, it is still a popular European custom today.

The trees most sacred to the ancient gods and goddesses often have a special association with bees too, as they were highly regarded by ancient people. Since ancient times, bees have been treasured as pollinators, for providing precious honey and respected because, like humans, bees live in highly organized communities.

The gorgeous ornamental Myrtle tree has an abundance of dainty, aromatic leaves all year. Its star-like white flowers blossom in summer with a wonderful fragrance that is loved by our bees. The Myrtle tree’s edible blueberries ripen in autumn and are treasured for their delicious spicy-sweet flavour. Traditionally, the berries are steeped in alcohol to make the delicious liqueur, Mirto!

June 09, 2017 by Catherine Cunningham

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide


Make it personal on June 18 with a unique Father’s Day tree gift that will flourish and grow for generations to come! Ditch the tie & sock combination and take a look at a gift guide for a cool, unforgettable alternative that he will always treasure!

Every tree is organically nurtured, carefully chosen, beautifully wrapped and freshly delivered to arrive just before Father's Day!

The Wild Apple tree will thrive in any garden and its dainty apples, which ripen every autumn, can be made into cider! We like to think that this tree is truly fit for legends, as it is one of the most sacred trees in Celtic mythology and symbolises good health and happiness. 

Father's Day Gift Guide


The Truffle tree makes a special gift for dads who have a deep love for gourmet food. Since Ancient times the Truffle has been treasured for its intense, aromatic flavours. The truffle tree’s roots grow in a symbiotic relationship with the native Summer Truffle fungus, an underground mushroom which is worth more than its weight in gold!

Father's Day Gift Guide

The beautiful Rowan tree is also known as the 'Tree of Life’ and symbolises protection and wisdom. It's a perfect, slender tree for a small garden or patio and is fabulous for wildlife. Its red berries in autumn make a delicious jelly for meat dishes too!

Father's Day Gift Guide

June 02, 2017 by Catherine Cunningham

Corporate Gift Ideas

Just imagine, in this exciting, fast-moving world of business, technology and instant media finding a corporate gift that is meaningful and connects in real life! 

The Present Tree’s collection of beautiful trees all have a special ancient story which is enclosed in the parcel to create a unique gift that is certainly hard to forget. The company specialises in working with businesses who want to enhance their green image and make long-lasting connections. So wheither it’s a one-off VIP gift or for hundreds of clients, The Present Tree will ensure every time the recipient steps out their front door they will see their beautiful tree and think of you. 

For companies who are struggling to find the perfect business gift, here’s our corporate gift guide…

Corporate Gift GuideCorporate Gift GuideCorporate Gift Guide

Cherry Tree

Gorgeous, evergreen and blossoming this beauty will grow in any garden or balcony AND symbolises good fortune and future happiness. It also makes a perfect addition to an outside office space! 

Here at The Present Tree, we ensure your tree is beautifully wrapped to add that luxurious feel to your gift. If you wish to add an extra special touch, we can enclose an engraved brass plaque, inscribed with your message, so this gift is always remembered.

Wild Apple Tree

Enjoy the fruits of your success with this slender, native tree. It produces blossoms every spring which are wonderful for our bees and dainty apples ripen in autumn. In Celtic mythology the Apple symbolised goood health and happiness and was often planted to celebrate a special occasion too.

All the trees are organically nurtured, beautifully wrapped and freshly delivered to the recipient anywhere in UK and EU.

Irish Oak Tree

Make your recipient feel inspired when admiring their beautiful Irish Oak Tree - symbolic of truth, courage and wisdom. This association derives from Ancient times when it was honoured for its endurance, noble presence and resilience. To catch a falling oak leaf also brings good luck and prosperity - what a wonderful symbol for any business!

When you place your order, a gorgeous Irish Oak will be freshly selected by our devoted gardeners, before being carefully wrapped in organza, placed in a luxury parcel and sent with it’s ancient story enclosed.




May 26, 2017 by Catherine Cunningham

Best Friend Gift Ideas

When we asked people what gift they would buy for their best friend, the typical responses flooded in: perfume, flowers, chocolate, wine… Then we asked ‘What is your biggest difficulty when choosing a gift?’

The unanimous answer was finding a gift that was meaningful and long-lasting. It was interesting to discover that people struggled to find a present that was thoughtful and personal. While we can’t deny that we love being treated to the little everyday luxuries, this year why not skip the predictable? Give a meaningful gift that your best friend will always remember and cherish for years to come.

Here's our top two tree gifts for your best buddy.

The best friend gift guide

 There is no better gift to express the endurance of your friendship than the beautiful Olive tree, an ancient symbol of peace and friendship. 

To give your tree that luxurious feel here at The Present Tree, we gift wrap your tree with the Olive's ancient story enclosed in the luxury parcel, adding a memorable touch to your friend’s sacred tree.  

Still not convinced? Trust us, it’s pretty hard to resist its stunning, silvery-green leaves and abundance of fragrant, white blossoms in spring. The small fruits ripen over several months, gradually changing from pale green to dark purple in autumn, which are absolutely delicious when cured!

The best friend gift guide

The sacred entwined Pear tree is the symbol of good health and happiness, and is the perfect thoughtful gift to exemplify how best friends flourish and grow together forever.  

 All of our trees are organically nurtured here in The Present Tree gardens. Once your order is placed, a beautiful entwined Pear tree is freshly selected by our devoted gardeners before being carefully wrapped in organza, placed in its luxury parcel and sent with love!

May 10, 2017 by Catherine Cunningham

Every Wild Rose has a Story...

Wild Rose Tree Meaning

In Ancient mythology the Wild Rose is a powerful symbol of love and adoration. It is strongly associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love, who is often portrayed with a crown of roses around her head.
In addition, the rose is a symbolic carrier of secrets. The term 'sub rosa' comes from the tradition of hanging wild roses above meeting places and tables in the Roman era. It is understood that anything said ‘under the rose’ will never be spoken of or repeated elsewhere.
Greek mythology also tells the story of the legendary wedding between Psyche, the goddess of Soul and Eros, the god of Love. Following the romantic match, the entire Earth was a-glow with roses scattered by the three Graces to celebrate the eternal union of love.

The beautiful Wild Rose (Rosa rugosa) grows with an abundance of fresh, spring leaves which unfurl from its stem and thorny branches. Its sweet-scented, deep-pink roses blossom all summer and are loved by bees and butterflies.

April 27, 2017 by Catherine Cunningham

Every Hawthorn Tree has a Story...

Hawthorn Tree Meaning

The Hawthorn is a tree of magical enchantment and is strongly associated with Beltane, the ancient festival celebrating spring. In Celtic mythology it is one of the most sacred trees and symbolises love and protection. It is also known as the Fairy Tree, as fairies live under the Hawthorn as its guardians, and so was treated with great respect and care. However, politely collecting Hawthorn sprigs and flowers was allowed, especially by brides, who wore Hawthorn blossom in their hair or bouquet to symbolise their union of love.

The Hawthorn is a small tree with an abundance of foliage, growing on its thorny branches, which is wonderful for garden birds to safely make ther nests. It is  known for its longevity and can live over 400 years. In March the Hawthorn tree’s leaf-buds open and pale green leaves appear. These leaves are joined by masses of delicate white flower buds, which open in May to reveal blossoms with five white petals surrounding stamens with bright pink heads.  Each flower produces a fruit, called a ‘Haw’ which appear in July and ripen in October resembling small bright red apples which are loved by our birds.

April 20, 2017 by Catherine Cunningham

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