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Father's Day Gift Guide

Posted on April 01 2021

Father’s Day is coming around once again and of course, Dad is by far the hardest person to buy for in the family! Let him know how special he is by giving him a gift that will last forever. Something that celebrates everything he has given you and the memories you share together. A tree has the power to stand strong and tall, to grow and be nurtured by those around it so it flourishes. Now is the time to show your Dad how much he means to you and thank him for all of the love, protection and wisdom he has given you throughout your life.

Below are some of our favourite gifts for Dad, take a look for some inspiration!

Hazel tree gift


In Celtic mythology this magical tree represents wisdom, faith and inspiration. The Hazel will happily grow in any garden and its edible hazelnuts which ripen every autumn can be eaten straight from the tree! 

Rose bush gift


In ancient mythology the Rose bush is a powerful symbol of love and adoration. This bush is treasured for its abundance of fresh, spring leaves and the sweet-scented, deep-pink roses that blossom all summer; they are loved by bees and butterflies!

Silver Birch tree gift


This slender tree is treasured for its silver-white bark and delicate leaves on a crown of arched branches. As one of the most sacred trees in mythology it symbolises protection and new beginnings.

Rowan tree gift


This majestic tree is known as the Tree of Life. The Rowan is a gorgeous slender tree with lush leaves and creamy-white flowers that unfurl every spring. It has masses of bright, red berries in autumn which make a delicious jelly! 

Grapevine gift


In Celtic mythology, the Grapevine symbolises faith and kindness. Every summer you can watch its branches fill with fresh leaves and clusters of tiny, pale green flowers while in autumn bunches of sweet, ruby-red grapes appear making it the perfect gift for a wine-lover! 

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