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How to Repot a Christmas Tree

Posted on December 31 2020

How to repot a Christmas Tree

A fake Christmas tree is better than none, but nothing can replicate the nostalgic, fresh resin scent of fresh pine needles! They say, for an artificial Christmas tree to be economically sustainable, it needs to be used for at least fifteen years. Whereas, if you look after your real, live Spruce tree… it can last a lifetime!

Many think that after Christmas your tree will begin to wither and fade – but this is simply not true. If purchased with healthy roots, your tree can be planted in the garden – or, even better, kept in a pot once its time has been served indoors.

If possible, it’s best to invest in a Christmas tree with roots. This way, your tree can easily be repotted and enjoyed for years to come. Our top tip is to keep your tree in a cool room with moist roots. Your tree will have been growing in chilly weather and has already gone into dormancy so try to keep it in its natural winter state by placing it away from open fires or radiators. This will give it a higher chance of a successful outdoor transition after Christmas. Re-plant your tree after Christmas by placing it in a hole in your garden or a pot about double the diameter of its current pot, give it a good drink and cover with some good quality mulch.

The hardy Spruce tree is seasoned to cold temperatures and frosty, exposed sites – so it should have no problem comfortably living out the rest of the chilly winter in your garden!

If you buy a cut-down tree lacking in a root structure then unfortunately you will not be able to replant it in your garden. Whilst hosting your cut Christmas tree, be sure to house it in a tree-holder to ensure that it receives the support it requires whilst drinking throughout the time it is inside.

Our top tip! While it is inside, give your Christmas tree a delicious drink by regularly adding ice cubes to its pot. They will melt over time and keep your root structure cool and moist. 

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